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What is included:

  • Booking hotels, tours + activitiesrestaurants/reservationsactivities, transportation transfers

  • Travel Logistics (from point A to point B)

  • Monitoring any entry requirements with full information 

  • Communication with my travel partners to ensure VIP service 

  • Consultation call

  • Personal contact with me through the whole planning process

**flights not included


*prices vary on based on traveller number and trip duration*

3-4 Day Trips

  • USA Domestic - Beginning at $200 

  • Hawaii – Beginning at $300

  • Caribbean/Mexico - Beginning at $350

  • Other (call for consultation

  • Group rate (call for consultation

7 Day + Trips

  • USA Domestic $400 

  • Hawaii – Beginning at $500

  • Caribbean/Mexico $600

  • Europe - Beginning at $700

  • South America – Beginning at $800

  • Asia – Beginning at $1,000

  • Africa/Indian Ocean – Beginning at $1,000

  • Other (call for consultation)

  • Group rate (call for consultation


  • Booking Hotels: NO COST 

    • By partnering with FORA as one of their travel advisors, I am able to hook up my clients with room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, resort and spa credits, and, last but definitely not least, you’ll get all of this for the best available rate you’d find on the Internet. 

    • This is NO COST, only if you have your hotel picked out

    • If you need help sourcing hotels...see below

  • Sourcing Hotels: $50

    • Need help finding the perfect hotel for you? I'll do the research for you and give you 5 wonderful options​ with prices and room type

  • Sourcing + Booking Activities: $50

    • If you need help sourcing and booking activities​

  • Google Maps: $50

    • ​Customized google maps of all of my favorite places already mapped out for you

  • Recommendation List: $50

    • ​Simply want a list of restaurants, bars, sights, activities or any other guidance, we can put together a customized list of recommendations 

  • Sourcing Restaurants $50

    • If you need help finding the perfect restaurant's​

  • Other

    • If you’d like assistance with any other part of your trip (purchasing travel insurance, vaccination requirements, etc.) we’re happy to assist! For these services I bill at our hourly rate of $50 per hour. 

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