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My Story 


Hi everyone, so nice to meet you! 


I'm Natalie - founder here at Bell'avant. 


I've worked in many industries from politics to film production to marketing consulting to hospitality. The common denominator in all of these jobs was burn out. Not from the job itself, but from me! Liked many young professionals, I experienced burnout in each role.


I decided I wanted to see more of the world so I traveled for about 10 months, with long stints exploring the charms of Edinburgh and London, the beaches of the Caribbean and the beautiful scenes of Paris. 

Thanks to the global pandemic, my career path was redirected a bit.


I knew that I wanted to do something different that - so I started Bell'avant. I wanted to take my knowledge of the corporate world, with my expertise of travel and bring that to people trying to plan a trip. 

I've never felt more called to a career path and more fulfilled that I am at Bell'avant. I want to bring that same sense of fulfillment to all of you by encouraging you to take a break and turn your travel dreams into a reality.


Essentially, I want to encourage the career warriors out there to simply, take a break.

Why? By taking the time to unplug and see the world, 

You will be a better leader.

You will be a better parent.

You will be a better sibling.

You will be a better friend.

Take it from me! In my experience, traveling has brought peace, rest, exploration, new perspective and the space to grow. I want you to experience the same.  

And the best part is? 

I take the planning burden off your shoulders, so all you have to do is tell me where you want to go and what your ideal trip looks like. The next think you know, you're jet-setting off to your destination. Who better to plan your trip than someone who understands the true value of work-life balance?


It's about more than just taking a vacation; it's about getting rest and fulfillment out of your travels. And I'm determined to make sure you get that restful time so you can come back to your full-time job a better you. 

Let's get started! 

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